Does Your Vehicle’s Brand Affect Its Scrap Value?

Does Your Vehicle’s Brand Affect Its Scrap Value?

Scrap CarsIf you suspect that your vehicle has reached the end of its life, it is understandable that you want the top cash for cars. Oddly enough, most people don’t seem to be aware that they can make money by selling their scrap cars. If you are not using your car anymore for any reason – possibly it is not roadworthy or has been damaged in an accident, you can trade it in exchange for cash. But, you may be wondering whether the scrap value differs between a Mercedes and an Audi, a Ford and a Mazda, a Nissan and a BMW. Well, that depends merely on certain factors. Let us explain to you why!

Price Of The Vehicle:

Typically, vehicles that cost more to buy will get increased value in their scrap price. For instance, a BMW 5 series is one of the pricier models, and accordingly enjoys a higher scrap value.

Year Of The Vehicle:

The scrap value of a car also depends on how old the vehicle is. Obviously, the newer models are going to have more value when compared to the older models. A Mercedes from 2007 will be worth less than 2017 models.

Weight Of The Vehicle:

The weight of the vehicle is one of the biggest factors that tremendously can influence the scrap value of your vehicle. When you think of it, you will realize how obvious the reasons for this are. If your car is heavy, it consists of more scrap metals, making it worth to the car wreckers. This is why even cheap vehicles such as Land Rover are worth more than the prestigious vehicle brands.

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