Does Paint Colour Affect the Cash for Cars in Perth?

Does Paint Colour Affect the Cash for Cars in Perth?

Cash for Cars PerthTypically, many people choose the colour of cars based on emotional attitude rather than value, experience, reason, or aesthetic appeal.

However, car detailing professionals know that not all car colour paints are equal. When selecting the colour of your automobile, you should consider the cost of aftercare and maintenance. Car colour can also affect the cash for your car during resale.

The Exterior Car Paint Colours Vs Financial Value of Automobile

To help you understand how colour affects car prices, below is a breakdown of exterior car paint.

A freshly cleaned black car can attract the attention of any onlooker. If you own a car whose exterior paint is black, you might face frustrations at the time of resale unless you maintain the very shiny black surface.

Further, selling a black car has many challenges. Why would customers refuse to buy your black car?

  • The interior of a black car is the hottest because the paint will heat up and cause the
  • interior temperatures to rise.
  • Black can easily show any paint flaw or scratch.
  • It is difficult to maintain the shiny appearance of a black car.
  • The moment you fail to clean your automobile, dust will show easily on a black car surface.

White Car Paint Colour

White colour is easy to care for as it does not look ugly even in the seasons when dirt and dust abound. White colour is among the most popular, so finding a buyer is trouble free. Besides, you can attract a better price by telling buyers that white colour does not contribute to high interior temperatures.

Other Car Paint Colors in Perth

Automotive paint colours are a multitude including grey, tan, red and dark metallic blue. Dark metallic blue may fetch more money for the seller as the colour does not soak up UV rays. Thus, the buyer will find interior car temperature levels suitable always. Red is dramatic visually and is synonymous with romance, sports, and urban lifestyle. As red is a head turner, the owner can use the friendlier colour as the selling point. Burgundy, which is deep and metallic can attract blemishes and look imperfect during the wet seasons. Light blue, or the chick colour paint, is so nice and exciting to many buyers. Light metallic grey is a favorite paint to men. As a sophisticated and elegant shade, light metallic grey can fetch a substantial amount of finances. Of course, there is also, silver colour paint, which does not show grime or allow heat build-up.

In Perth, white car paint is the most popular at 35 percent. Black car shade lovers follow at 17 percent while silver attracts 12 percent of the Perth population. Grey color choice is at 12 percent. When planning to purchase your automobile, remember that car paint colours can influence buyers emotionally. Many potential car buyers love neutral shades that do not display dirt. So, consider the fact that colour may seduce the purchaser.

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