Beware of car removal frauds in Perth

Beware of car removal frauds in Perth

car removalMany people in Perth dispose of their non-functional, old cars since they only occupy their precious space. Even though it seems to be an easy and safe process, there are fraudsters who use that opportunity to reap from unsuspecting people. You need to be cautious because there are many car removal fraudsters in Perth. It is not easy to identify them but if you are keen enough, you can identify them by the following tricks.

They will lower the value of your car

Fraudsters can use a simple trick like convincing you that your car worthy nothing. They will later offer you peanut reward as a favour. They will also try to convince that you cannot sell it anywhere because nobody will be interested in it. Don’t waste your time listening to such crap because these are just fraudsters. You better look for another car removal company because, believe it or not, your car still has value.

They will charge you for their services

Scammers can charge you for car removal services. In most cases, they will need to be paid or deduct from the offer they will give you. They will con you because there is a plethora of cash for cars free car removal companies in Perth. Don’t be in a hurry to enter an agreement, do some research and find free service.

They’ll negotiate a later payment

The most fraudster in Perth will try to convince you to accept a later payment. That is a trick they are using to con you because all genuine company adhere to instant payment after viewing your car and before they remove it. Don’t trust those offering later payment because once they are out of your company with your vehicle, it will be difficult to trace them for the payment.

They will try to reject your car

All cars are accepted by different car Removal Company in Perth, despite the difference in the makes and he models. Fraudsters can take other vehicle but reject yours with funny reasons such as their company doesn’t accept the model of your car. Genuine companies take any vehicle irrespective of their models.

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